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Jackson Heights Locksmith – Locksmith Origins

In early days when human beings were wanderers, they didn’t have many material possessions. When you are being chased by a saber toothed tiger, you travel light. But once we settled down and started living in houses, we also started collecting valuable items. Once money replaced the barter system we needed a place to store it safely. Even then there were others who wanted to steal these items. No wonder one of the commandments is ‘Thou shalt not steal’. And from this need came the locksmiths. The oldest mention of locks is from almost 4000 years ago. The oldest lock found was from 704 BC and was in the Assyrian empire. The earliest locks were of wood, as metal was both rare and shaping it was hard. With improvements in metal working, locks were made of metal. Every small city has a expert locksmith like Locksmith Jackson Heights NY.

Locksmiths initially were wood workers who designed simple locks with pin tumbler mechanisms. But once metal alloys became cheap and easily available, it made more sense to make metal locks. Even then locks were used mostly on small safes where money or jewelry was stored. Locks with extravagant designs were prized possession and status symbols.

Locksmith Jackson Heights – Industrial revolution

After industrial revolution lock making became easier with better materials and tools. The Locksmith Jackson Heights have now a more specialist role than before. Either they became designers that designed new types of locks with advanced tumbler systems. Or they became repairers who changed levers in locks when they broke. In older times, locks were costly and buying a new one was not always possible for people. But since early 1900’s locks have been made by using industrial production methods. Here the presence of a Jackson Heights Locksmith is not necessary any more for all steps. They only need to be there for design or quality tests of new products. Once the design is fixed, the machines take care of the production. After mass production locks became cheaper and most people now replace their locks rather than repairing them. Only for items like safes or vaults are locksmiths needed. Nowadays there are fewer Jackson Heights Locksmith. Some take care of industrial safes and vaults maintenance and some people repair locks and create duplicate keys.

Next generation of locks

Currently locks are no longer just using metal/plastic keys for entry. The current and future lock systems also utilize electronic and electrical components making it harder to break them. This increases the requirements from each locksmith as now he needs to know electrical and electronics along with mechanics, metallurgy and some amount of wood working. Many people may not take up being a locksmith as a job but as a hobby. There are multiple reasons for this. One is that Expert Locksmith Jackson Heights NY are knowledgeable in multiple streams. Lock making or repairing also requires patience and dexterity. Plus it’s a valuable skill to have when you are locked out of your car or from your house at night. In these cases either you call a Jackson Heights Locksmith who is willing to come down at a late hour and help you out. Or if you have the knowledge may be you get it done yourselves.