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Locks have been used since time immemorial to keep valuables safe. Their primary purpose is to protect our valued objects. But one has to be able to open a lock to access the thing inside. Else the lock is useless. Most of us have faced situations of lost keys sometime or the other. Best case scenario is to get a duplicate made. Worst case scenario is to get it broken. An even more vexing situation is when you have the key but the lock still won’t open due to some problem. I am sure there are Locksmith Brookhaven NY that can help you.

Brookhaven Locksmith – Sticky Lock causes

There are multiple reasons why a lock may become sticky and won’t open properly.
1) Natural wear and tear – repeated use of a lock leads to erosion of the levers in the lock due to friction and the key may not catch anymore.
2) Rust formation – formation of rust due to exposure to moisture or regular exposure to water may lead to formation of rust in the inner mechanism of the lock. This leads to the parts of the lock not moving smoothly anymore
3) Cold and frost – in extreme cold climates the metal may contract and lead to the lock getting stuck.
4) Misalignment between lock and bolt – sometimes a misalignment between a door and the latch may make the lock hard to use.
These causes are just indicative and there could be a hundred more reasons why the lock won’t open.

The Brookhaven Locksmith can surely list down far more reasons from their experience.

Brookhaven Locksmith – Solutions to Sticky locks
There is no single solution to fix a sticky lock. There are as many solutions as there are causes for a sticky lock. A good locksmith knows how to figure out the root problem and solution to it. Some of the simple DIY solutions available to a layman are:

– Use WD40 spray on the lock and see if it helps. As the most commonly used and widely available lubricant it is the first line of action. Even the locksmiths will swear by its effectiveness.
– If you don’t have access to WD40, any oil that is not very viscous can be used to lubricate the lock.
– Graphite which forms the core of pencils is an excellent lubricant due to its sliding molecular structure. Powdered graphite can be used on a lock to smoothen its operation. Graphite sprays are widely available in hardware stores to be used as lubricants.
– A flat file can be used to chip away rust from a lock and make it usable again.
– There are rust remover varnishes that reach with the rust and dissolve it.
– For fixed type locks which cannot be moved, the lubricant can be applied on the key and then the key inserted into the lock to use the lubricant on the lock. It may take a couple of tries for the lubricant to reach the problem area.

But caution should be taken to use the right product. Using the incorrect product can some time make the situation worse. A common man may not always know the different problems and products to use for each one. When in doubt it’s always better to call the Expert Locksmith Brookhaven NY. Professional Locksmith Brookhaven help is always better than trial and error methods of problem solving.